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  • Toddlers painting at our daycare center

    Toddler Circle Art

    Our Ladybug classroom started off their morning doing a fun painting using toilet paper rolls. This is a great activity for young toddlers start out with when it comes to painting! The roll fits perfectly into toddlers hands and can be used as a distraction from getting their hands in the paint. This will also help toddlers feel comfortable with their first art masterpieces!  You can do this at home by using your extra toilet […]

  • Butterfly sitting on a plant

    Butterfly Release

    Back in May, Ms. LaDawn’s class (Bumblebees) started learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. Each student had their own “baby butterfly” to observe through the different cycles. The students watched them grow from a few millimeters to well over an inch. They watched them form the letter “J” at the top of the container (metamorphosis process), after that they moved the chrysalises into the butterfly house where they broke out and formed into […]

  • Dino dig day at our child care center

    Dino Dig!

    We started Dinosaur Week with an excavation site! The kids got to dig up and brush off dinosaur bones that have been hidden in our sandbox for millions of years 😉 !!!  The kids enjoyed being paleontologists at recess! They discussed what kind of dinosaur bones they could be, which they all agreed that it was a T-REX!  Along with Dinosaur Week, the kids have also been doing classroom art activities. We have colored and […]