Our Curriculum


Our Curriculum

Play is the cornerstone of Learning.  Play is a behavior that is self-motivated, freely chosen, process oriented and enjoyable.  It is a natural activity for children.  Play gives children the opportunity to create, invent, discover and learn about their world.  It provides children joy and understanding of themselves and others.

Play is Child’s Work

Research clearly shows the early years are very important for brain development.

It also shows that children experience the most productive learning when they are having fun.  Children better retain what they have learned when the activities they are engaged in are meaningful to them.

Our developmentally-appropriate curriculum programs for infants through pre-Kindergarten offer something for every young family.  Our age-specific classrooms are designed to meet each individual child’s developmental and educational needs. Children are guided and encouraged by our experienced and qualified teachers as they transition through each class at their own pace.

Butterfly Room – Infant Program (6 weeks – 12/15 months)
Firefly and Ladybug Room – Toddler Program (12 months – 30 months)
Dragonfly Room – Preschool Prep Program (24 months – 33/36 months)
Hoppy Frog Room – Preschool Program (33 months – 3 ½ years)
Marching Ants Room – Preschool Program (3 ½ – 4 years/ two years until kindergarten)
Bumble Bee Room – Prekindergarten Program (4-5 years/ one year until Kindergarten)

OUR BUTTERFLY ROOM provides a tactile, nurturing environment to meet each infant’s rapidly developing abilities.  We understand that the first year of life is critical and each infant is a unique individual with individual needs. Busy Little Hands provides individual care for each baby and careful communication with their family.  We provide a detailed written report each day for each child. We work closely with our families to develop each baby’s daily schedule, nap times, play times and feeding times. Our teachers spend time cuddling and talking to your baby to instill trust and provide a healthy learning environment for movement, exploration and communication.

OUR FIREFLY AND LADYBUG ROOMS offers a balance of playtime, nurturing and learning throughout the day. We know that a toddler’s life is marked by rapid growth in language acquisition, self-sufficiency and social skills.  Circle time incorporates stories and songs that encourage language stills, imitation and social skills.  Our toddlers spend time strengthening gross motor skills in our gym or on the playground. We provide a detailed written report each day for each child.  Our teachers are in tune with the needs of each child with their nurturing and attentive nature.

OUR DRAGONFLY ROOM is designed to help your two-year old develop the independence, social, emotional and physical development skills required for future success.  Our loving teachers will guide your child with encouragement and support that lead to confidence, self-esteem and a love for learning.  Communication skills are a vital portion of the curriculum as children expand their vocabularies and assign meanings to new experiences.  Our Dragonfly room provides learning environments that keep small hands busy and young minds engaged and happy through activities and play designed specifically for this young age.  Your child will grow into their own person, ready to move to the next class.

OUR HOPPY FROG ROOM for three-year olds are centered around a theme-based curriculum which addresses interesting topics that encourage children to develop their skills and confidence.  Each topic incorporates language, math, science, creative arts, music, motor skills and social development. Your preschooler will make new friends and develop self-confidence as s/he strengthens cognitive skills.  Our age-appropriate curriculum is designed to provide numerous opportunities to develop the whole child.  By providing your child with activities and play that match his/her developmental needs and abilities, learning occur easily and naturally.

OUR BUMBLE BEE ROOM provides a wide variety of planned activities centered around getting your four-year old ready for Kindergarten.  Our pre-Kindergarten curriculum has been designed to ensure your child’s academic success by building self-confidence and enhancing skills for intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth.  Educational activities are offered in areas of science, music, art, language, early reading and early math in our developmentally-appropriate learning centers.  Our caring and experienced teachers promote independence in an organized atmosphere to encourage children to be their own thinkers.  We also teach children to work and play independently as well as with a group through listening, sharing and cooperation.  Our program is designed to prepare your child for the next exciting phase – Kindergarten!