COVID-19 Policies

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Here Are The Anti-Covid Measures We Are Taking To Keep Your Child Safe:

  • Anti-microbial treatments of the center floor-to-ceiling every 90 Days
  • Water-based hand sanitizer that is safe for all children and lasts up to 4 hours
  • Screening Children By Checking Temperatures
  • Increased daily Cleaning And Sanitization
  • All Cleaning Materials Are EAP Approved Chemicals
  • No Risk Of Transmission With Virtual Tours
  • Comprehensive Pandemic Response Plan
  • Social Distancing Of Staff Members And Children When Possible

The Following Policies And Procedures Have Also Been Implemented:


  • Masks are required by all adults entering the center
  • We Are Asking That only ONE Adult Per Family Drop Off The Child At The Center
  • Use The 6-Foot Rule For Social Distancing During Drop-Off and Pick-Up
  • No vendors or visitors are allowed inside the center
  • Teachers and students remain in the same groups all day every day.
  • All Children Wash Their Hands Upon Entering The Classroom
  • Each Class Has Separate And Segregated Outside Times