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  • finished coconut blueberry jigglies

    Coconut Blueberry Jigglies Recipe

    Here’s a recipe for a super fun, super jiggly treat for kids! These blueberry jigglies are made out of just a couple simple ingredients.

  • Tattling vs. Telling

    This week’s Busy Blog will go over how to tell the difference between when a child is telling and when they are tattling, as well as simple instructions for how to help children distinguish the two as well.

  • child at our preschool

    Alternatives to Saying “No”

    Here is a list of alternative phrases you can use instead of “no” to get your child to think differently about their actions.

  • Indoor camping for kids

    Rainy Day Activities

    What do we do with our kids when it’s raining outside other than sticking them in front of the TV? Here is a list of some activities for those rainy days.

  • kids doing an art project t our daycare

    Parent-Teacher Communication

    Here at Busy Little Hands, we strive to make parent-teacher communication as easy and seamless as possible. Today’s Busy Blog post will go over a few of the tools BLH uses to communicate with parents.