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  • family movie night sign

    10 Great Children’s Movies – and Why They’re Great

    Movies have become an integral part of life within the last century. They can be educational, intriguing, and plain entertaining. Everyone watches movies, even our kids. Here is a list of some of the best kids’ movies, and a short description of why it can be considered great.

  • Child using a screen to play games

    Screens: Helpful or Hindering?

    Technology has come a long way from when we were kids, and we should feel lucky that our kids have so much access to the excitement of the world. Screens can be really helpful, we just can’t lose sight of the goodness the real world still has to offer.

  • baby sleeping in a crib

    If Naptime Is a Struggle, Read This

    As adults, we treasure any 20-minute span of time we can lay our heads down and rest. But for whatever reason, children don’t quite understand the great gift they are allowed that is naps. Here are some helpful tips to try if naptime in your home just isn’t happening.

  • Apple bagel snack

    Snack Healthier!

    When you have a busy schedule, it can be really easy to put unhealthy foods into your body, especially when those foods work with a grab-and-go lifestyle.
    Here is the key having healthy snacks available during the day: Prepping the night before!

  • fish tank

    Classroom Pets

    Here at Busy Little Hands, we love our kids to explore the natural world. A big part of that world is animals. Having classroom pets is a great way to expose children to small animals and their habits, as well as teach them responsibility and teamwork. Understanding and having empathy for animals is key to a child’s development, and a fuzzy little creature is so fun to have around the classroom.