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  • Energetic kid

    Keeping Up with the Kids: How to Have More Energy!

    This week’s blog post is a compilation of some simple tips and tricks to have more energy- for your kids and for yourself.

  • All About Me Completed project

    “All About Me” Project

    A great way to help kids know they are appreciated and an important part of your life is to have them work on an “All About Me Project.” This kind of project allows kids to create a spot that is just for them, all about them.

  • Children being together at our daycare center

    Love Languages in Kids

  • Children playing games at our daycare center

    Family Bonding Activities

    Family time is important for both kids and parents, so here are a few ideas for quality family time activities even if you have limited time.

  • boy looking at a butterfly

    Learning About Animals

    Our animal friends share this world with us, so it is important to teach our children the safe, respectful way to interact with animals. Here are a few tips on how to teach kids about animal friends.