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  • Winter at Preschool In Denver

    It’s Snow Much Fun!

    It’s time to build a snowman, make hot chocolate and grab your sled! Snow has a natural magnetism for children as they explore its texture, temperature, movement and sparkle

  • hands on art at daycare center

    Finger Painting Fun!

    Hands can help us express ourselves in so many ways including ART!

  • back to school at daycare

    Back to School Feels so Cool!

  • featured image boy with animal art at daycare

    It’s Jungle Week!

    ROOOAAARRR! We’ve had some wild fun during jungle week!

  • girl playing with water at daycare center

    Making a Splash on Water Days

    We’re getting splashy-splashy! Water play is a fun way for kids to enjoy being outside, and a great sensory experience too