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  • let kids play

    Let Kids Play!

    Outdoor play is a critical part of early childhood, as it helps children develop life skills in a way that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

  • Child in Tree at daycare

    A Child’s Neurological System Begs to Differ

    There is a balance between keeping our kids in a safe environment and allowing them to challenge themselves with a level of risk they can handle. 

  • sandbox at busy little hands preschool

    Fun in the sand… I mean sun!

    Sand play offers many benefits to children. Here are some ways we use sand at the school that you can also do at home with your child. 

  • boy releasing butterfly at preschool

    Butterfly Release

    Learning about the life cycle of butterflies is one of our favorite units of study and offers many benefits to children. 

  • My Favorite Insect

    Insect Lesson

    Insects and Bugs are our friends. Learn all about them here.