Bubble Snakes

Mouse head to make bubble snakes

Bubble Snakes

My kids LOVE making bubbles so they had lots of fun making these bubble snakes! It’s a really simple project and you end up with the coolest, long strings of bubbles. All you need is a mismatched sock and a water bottle – they are really easy to make! With all of this wonderful weather, it was great to do another outdoor activity.


You will need;

  • empty plastic bottle
  • sock
  • rubber band
  • foam sheets of various colors
  • food coloring (optional)
  • bubble solution

Make It a Creature!

When looking at our basic bubble snake, I noticed right away that the long neck of our particular bottle made an especially great creature shape.  I grabbed some foam sheets from my crafty stash, plugged in the glue gun, and in just a few minutes this little guy was born…meet Mr. Fox- or as the twins like to call him, “Poopoo the Mouse!”


Don’t you love the expression on Mr. Mouse’s face? He’s really not too sure about what’s going on back there ?

After we had our fun with Mr. Mouse, I decided to make another more ferocious creature, complete with colored bubbles for effect- meet Mr. Dragon! He means business, as demonstrated by his very stern expression.

We dripped red food coloring on the sock so Mr. Dragon could breathe fire.  It also managed to bleed backwards into the sock, making the coolest accidental mouth. I think it was meant to be.

So there ya’ have it. With a little imagination and some ingenuity you can take your bubbles snakes from drab to fab. It only took me a few extra minutes and it was so fun for all of us! Just use what you have available around the house and have a little fun- I’d love to see what you come up with!


Developmental Skills

Believe it or not, this activity is heavy in the cognitive development area.  At three, my kids are on the young side for this, and figuring out how to coordinate their breathing to blow bubble snakes without sucking them back into the bottle was quite an accomplishment. Problem solving skills are put to the test as little ones use trial and error to draw conclusions about how to create the long bubble “snakes” (i.e. If I blow too hard or too softly it won’t work).  As kids become old enough to help create the bubble snake tool, they can deduce the perfect length of the bottle for optimum performance, how best to secure the fabric to the bottle, what shapes/sizes of bottles work best, and how to create the most colorful bubbles using food coloring or other art media.  Making the bubble snake tool look like a creature takes planning and strategy and also works important fine motor skills through cutting, tracing, etc.

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