2 ½ Year-Olds

“Having a two-year-old is like having a blender that you don’t have a top for.”
-Jerry Seinfeld

A yellow trike offers an adorable older toddler with new found independence.
Independence found by way of a yellow trike!

Daily Activities

Older toddlers insist on trying tasks by themselves and they want control over their environment. They also have a growing interest in books, art and toys. Our 2 ½ year-old room addresses this stage of development by offering older toddlers more opportunities for independence. A stool at the sink or a coat hook within reach, allows them to try and do things themselves. Each day your child will have the opportunity to pick their own activities and may play by themselves or with others. Your child’s schedule will include frequent potty breaks that encourage them to use the toilet if they are showing interest in potty training.

  • Opportunities for independence
  • You child can pick their own activities
  • Frequent potty breaks if showing interest in potty training
Red polka-dots toddler playing in the water while in our daycare program.
Our toddlers love playing in the water and experiencing new toys.


Because older toddlers develop a strong sense of self-identity, our teachers make room for their participation when telling, singing, or reciting stories and songs. They also begin to make comparisons between themselves and other kids. That is why it is important for them to interact with other toddlers of diverse culture, ethnicity and abilities. Your child’s teacher will do more matching and sorting games to help them identify similarities and differences in people and things around them

  • Participation in signing and reciting stories
  • Matching and sorting games
Outdoor time always brings a smile to our toddler's faces.
Your child's happiness is what we love about our jobs!


Maybe your toddler is a menace. Maybe your toddler is a sweetheart. Being able to learn about your child’s day can set your mind at ease. Kangarootime is our parent communication app where you can see what teachers are charting about your child in real time like what they ate, how long they napped and selfies! When you come to pick up your child you will also receive a report of all the day’s activities and notes about what happened. This tool also allows you to message the center in seconds when you have a question or concern.

  • App to receive real-time updates regarding meals, activities, and selfies
  • Report on all the day’s activities and any notes
  • App allows you to message us

Almost a decade ago my sister and I went on a search to find the perfect Learning Center / Child Care for my nephew. After visiting some questionable places we found Busy Little Hands about 5 minutes from our house. It was a huge relief from the second we walked in. The whole energy of the center was really amazing and Jessica was extremely inviting. My nephew went to Kindergarten extremely prepared in the educational realm and a very well rounded kind child. Fast forward 7 1/2 years Busy Little Hands was the absolute first choice for Early Learning for my daughter. I love watching her grow and learn new things every single day. She adores her teachers and loves her friends. I really believe it’s important to say BLH is more than child day care - it is a great school and the entire staff truly cares about each individual child!

Summer Fisher May 22, 2018