Toddler Childcare

12 Months - 30 Months

Toddlers crave discovery and learning. We let toddlers discover new things and find their own path, with a bit of help along the way.

Toddler with pigtails enjoying outdoor playtime.
Pigtails and playtime! Toddlers love to get outside and explore.

Daily Activities

Our Toddler classrooms are places where children can explore the world around them as they become more mobile. Each day your child gets to experience a variety of activities inside and outside the classroom such as painting, story time and dancing. Our teachers focus a lot on physical activity because toddlers are learning to walk, climb and jump and this helps them explore. Your Toddler’s schedule is structured to include plenty of snacks and lots of attention!

  • Indoor and outdoor play
  • Painting, story time, and dancing
  • Lots of focus on physical activity
Red polka-dots toddler playing in the water while in our daycare program.
Our toddlers love playing in the water and experiencing new toys.


Toddlers show strong attachment to the adults in their lives and a fascination with their peers. They practice communication by babbling and they understand and can respond to a growing number of words.

Part of our curriculum at Busy Little Hands is teaching toddlers basic sign language to help them communicate basic needs like water, hungry, please and thank you. We also want toddlers to develop verbal skills.

Our teachers model good speech and constantly teach new and familiar words to your child and encourage them to make sounds. Our teachers also recognize when a toddler is able to comfort themselves and they try to reinforce that behavior with encouragement and praise.

  • Basic sign language
  • Reinforce the ability to comfort self
Big smile from a toddler in our childcare program enjoying some outdoor playtime.
The children in our program become part of our family. We love seeing them smile!


Maybe your toddler made a mess. Maybe your toddler played well with others. Being able to learn about your child’s day can set your mind at ease. Kangarootime is our parent communication app where you can see what teachers are charting about your child in real-time like what they ate, how long they napped and selfies! When you come to pick up your child you will also receive a report of all the day’s activities and notes about what happened. This tool also allows you to message the center in seconds when you have a question or concern.

  • App to receive real-time updates regarding meals, activities, and selfies
  • Report on all the day’s activities and any notes
  • App allows you to message us

I couldn’t say enough about how happy my daughter and I are with Busy Little Hands. I was desperately searching for a daycare when my daughter was a few months old and every place I visited had a long waitlist. I went to look at Busy Little Hands and Jessica showed me around. She said that there was a wait list but they would call if anything opened up. They called at the perfect time, and I was able to get my daughter into the nursery.

She has now been going there six months and she is so happy. Every morning that I drop her off I feel very secure and confident about leaving her there with all of the ladies and the new friends she’s made. Dayna, Denise, Camryn and Rachel are fantastic and I couldn’t say enough about how much we both love them. They have a continuous calm, happy, positive and confident demeanor. You can trust that your child will be very well taken care of when you drop them off.

They have done creative activities with the little ones that are so thoughtful. They taught my daughter how to drink a bottle, and introduced her to many new solid foods and even now the school lunch! They’re always making suggestions about what to try, etc and they have a wealth of knowledge.

Thank you Busy Little Hands. I am so glad we found you and would recommend the center to anyone!

Cindy Fletcher May 24, 2018