Spring Lesson


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Circle Time & Books:

Circle Time live on Facebook @ 9am
(Preschool MWF, Toddler TUTH)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Art & Sensory:

Coffee Filter Butterfly

Animal Art & Template

Animal Art small

Music & Movement:

Here are lyrics and links to the songs:

Here We Are* Together

Here we are together, together, together;

Oh, here we are together this bright sunny day.

There’s (name) and (name) and (name) and (name);

Oh, here we are together this bright, sunny day.

*Clap, pat, jump, etc.


Make a list of words that start with the letter “S”.

  • Post them somewhere where your child will see them and review the words each day of the week
  • Add to the list as you and your child think of more words.
  • Practice hissing like a snake as you say words. Sss-snake.

What happens in the spring?

  • Go for a walk and talk to your child about what is changing outside. Practice using your “S” words in complete sentences.