School Age Support

This program is for all School Age students doing remote learning or attending a school where in-person learning is less than 5 days a week.  

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Daily Activities

In School age support, your child will have a quiet and studious environment where they can complete their schoolwork. A certified Early Childhood Teacher will help your child focus and understand tasks they need to complete. Worksheets, writing assignments, math, and reading are easy with the support of our qualified teachers! Don’t try to be a full-time employee AND a full-time teacher. Get your child the school age support they need to be successful.

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We program activities to help School age children have fun and interact with others when they are not completing schoolwork. From Art and Music to Math and Science Projects, your child will be excited to come to our support program. Our outdoor classroom also provides opportunities for exercise, social interaction, and development of higher brain function. Don’t let your child miss out on these important experiences that help them discover their talents. Meals and snacks are included so all you have to do is drop them off with their schoolwork and pick them up with happy faces and everything completed. 


Is your son making friends?  Is your daughter a teacher’s pet? Being able to learn about your child’s day can set your mind at ease. Kangarootime is our parent communication app where you can see the notes the teachers are recording about your child in real time! When you come to pick up your child you will also receive a report of all the day’s activities and notes about what happened. This tool also allows you to message the center in seconds when you have a question or concern. Two-way messaging with your child’s teacher is also available. 

  • App to receive real-time updates regarding meals, activities, and selfies 
  • Report on all the day’s activitiesnotes, and pictures 
  • App allows you to message us 
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